I'e dabbled in photography since I was little.  Two of my grandfathers and my Dad were/are photographers, and from the age of five on, I recall always owning at least one camera.  I remember shooting 110 format film in Kindergarten, and I remember when I got my first 35mm point and shoot.  It felt like a bid deal to be using the same film my Dad was using.  Since December 2017, I've been a bit more serious about it.

I mostly shoot film these days, and do much of my own developing at home (B/W and C41).  If you're interested in some of equipment I have and like to use, you can look at this page.  Otherwise, the links below are some of my work. 

Kevin's IG, where lots of photos get placed without real regard to theme or curration.FlickrA more formal repository of photos.LoMotown
A look at Morgantown WV on film, with a lo-fi look and feel.Lomography.com
Kevin's lomo profile and photos.  Not used too much these days.

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